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Family wants conviction in unsolved murder from 2012

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Who killed Sherese Bingham-Walker?

A decade later, Indiana State Police are still trying to solve the case.

Walker-Bingham, 51 was killed while walking her dogs along White River on Dec. 12, 2012. She was shot in the chest with her own gun.

Police said her body was found near the intersection of Limestone and New York streets.

“She just loved the dogs. She just loved the nature and being outside with her dogs. Letting them run,” her brother, Keith Walker Sr., said.

Those same dogs are the reason investigators believe the killer knew Sharese well: they were trained to protect her. When she was found, her dogs were still protecting her and wouldn’t let investigators near her.

Walker believes his sister was killed by her husband.

“Nobody else couldn’t be with the dogs but her or him. The dogs could tell the whole truth and the whole story if they can talk,” Walker said.

Sherese’s husband, Eugene Bingham Jr., was arrested 18 months after her death and charged with murder. The case was dropped the next year. Prosecutors cited a lack of evidence.

Despite that, Walker still believes it was Bingham who killed Sherese.

“Go ahead and confess to the family,” Walker said.

His family just wants one thing.

“We just want closure,” Walker said.

Without closure, Walker has leaned on his faith to find peace every time he’s at White River State Park.

“I stop, look over and say a little quick prayer. ‘Lord, help me please,’” Walker said.

His faith is another reason he knows they will eventually find the closure they so desperately crave.

“What goes around comes around. One of these days. I’m not here to judge. I’m not a judger, but I just know God is going to take care of this,” Walker said.