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ISP seeks help to solve decade-old cold case

INDIANAPOLIS — Ten years ago, Sherese Walker-Bingham was shot and killed in White River State Park.

She was shot in the chest with her own gun while walking her dogs.

Indiana State Police officer, Lester Norvell, told I-Team 8 the case is actively progressing and “currently looking for information to identify a suspect.”

Investigators thought they found the killer 18 months after the murder.

Walker-Bingham’s husband Eugene Bingham Jr. was arrested and charged with her murder.

The next year, prosecutors dropped the charges.

“The information seemed to be a little bit stronger as far as evidence against a particular individual. Once that information was interpreted for us later, it was not as strong as we initially hoped,” Norvell explained.

Investigators went back to the drawing board after the charges were dropped.

Now this case hinges on help from the public. “We believe that someone, or some persons, have information that will assist in identifying a suspect and bringing that someone to justice,” Norvell said.

The biggest challenge for them is the length of time since Walker-Bingham’s murder.

“I think it’s just memory and details. The more time that goes by, the cloudier they get. I feel if someone knows something, that information should still be fresh enough that we can at least follow up on leads. Even if some part of what they remember has been forgotten, it’s better than nothing,” Norvell said.

Last week the family of Walker-Bingham told us they still believe her husband is the one responsible, despite the charges being dropped.

Right now, they’re relying on their faith to lead them to the conclusion of this cold case.

“What goes around comes around one of these days. I’m not here to judge. I’m not a judger, but I just know God is going to take care of this,” Keith Walker Sr. said.

If you have any information that can help investigators get justice for the Walker family this holiday season, contact Indiana State Police.