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Mother of baby unclaimed for months at coroner’s office speaks to I-Team 8

Mother of baby unclaimed at coroner’s office speaks

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Baby Raji Morrow’s body spent more than two months at the Marion County Coroner’s Office before a local group buried him.

His mother told I-Team 8 that she just couldn’t get to the coroner’s office to make arrangements.  

Raji’s mother Ttana Morrow told I-Team 8, “My phone’s been off. That’s what took me so long to contact them back, and I got my phone back on. I was able to read the post and call them.”

The post she was talking about came from the coroner’s office’s Facebook page. The post asked for help contacting baby Raji’s family.

In a second post, almost three months after the baby died, the coroner’s office said the family had been contacted.

Ttana Morrow told I-Team 8 that the money from a GoFundMe page was intended to pay funeral expenses to pay bills.

“What I did with the GoFundMe, because I almost lost my apartment, I used it, GoFundMe, to get my apartment back. I used my next paycheck to have him cremated. So, that’s what I was waiting for. So, I told them they could go ahead and keep him there and go ahead and cremate him.” 

Raji was buried Oct. 11 in a private ceremony at Washington Park East Cemetery in Indianapolis.

An Indianapolis-based ministry called He Knows Your Name paid for and conducted the ceremony.

Morrow told I-Team 8 that the past several months have been tough for her and family. She says police investigated her son’s death, and the police nor the coroner’s office have told her how Raji died.

She and her husband have a young daughter and plan on having more children.

The mother says she’s been grieving for her son but hasn’t had the strength to visit his grave. “I want to say thank you. I’m sorry I couldn’t do it myself, but I really want to thank them for that, for burying him.”