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Neighborhood trying to recover after tornado storms through Johnson County

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — One of the first homes hit by Sunday’s tornado in the Eagles Landing subdivision of Johnson County, just west of State Road 135, belonged to Leonard Disney, and his wife, Sue.

Leonard, who spent 25 years in the Marines, fought in Vietnam. His time in the service took a toll on his legs, and getting to a safe place during the storm was a challenge.

“I was sitting in my recliner and the electricity went out and they had to pick me up and carry me because I can’t walk,” Leonard said.  

News 8’s Avi8tor drone captured a sea of blue tarps, twisted trees, and shredded roofs all across Johnson County. The damage has left the back of Leonard’s house looking much different than the front.

The tornado followed the power lines east, right toward John Keith’s house.

“It was terrifying for about 10 or 15 seconds,” Keith said. He was sitting in the front room near a window when the storm hit.  

“The power went out and I said, ‘Anne we got to get out of here.’ So, (I) grabbed her and we went into the master bedroom closet. Just as we got there, it tore my house apart,” said Keith.  

Two exterior walls of his house surrendered to the storm. Keith says he is praying the temporary bracing holds up long enough for him to get their necessities out of the house.

Most of the siding of Keith’s house is gone. The new windows he installed a few months ago are nothing more than bent frames and shattered glass. Keith says the house is supported by one interior wall that could give out at any moment.

Keith shared with I-Team 8 that he is no stranger to tornadoes, and this is the fifth tornado he has weathered. He says his daughter was born the day after a tornado ripped through Xenia, Ohio in 1974.

“(I) lost quite a few friends (that day). Thank God nobody got hurt here,” Keith said.  

The National Weather Service confirmed Monday afternoon that a tornado hit Johnson County, and gave it a preliminary rating of EF-1, with winds upward of 100 mph.

News release

“Indiana 211 accepting damage reports from tornado

“Residents of Johnson and Monroe counties are asked to contact Indiana 211 to report damage from Sunday’s tornado.

“To help establish a comprehensive assessment of damages, residents can call 211 or visit the Indiana 211 website. Collecting assessments via this process will help IDHS determine damage estimates and develop the next course of action in the disaster recovery process.

“Currently, only residents in Johnson and Monroe counties should utilize Indiana 211 for damage reports. Other counties should reach out to their local emergency manager.

“Agricultural damage should be reported to the Purdue Extension.” 

Indiana Department of Homeland Security news released issued 7:12 p.m. June 26, 2023