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Pool season is here, but half of Indy’s pools won’t be opening right away

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis is 100 lifeguards short of full staff for the summer.

I-Team 8 reporter Kody Fisher found out that isn’t the only reason half the community pools won’t open come June 3rd.

The City of Indianapolis told I-Team 8 a major reason not every pool will open is because of maintenance issues. “Pool liner issues to make sure we can keep the water in the pool, pump issues to make sure the water is circulating correctly, and our chemical pumps as well. Making sure that those get fed,” said Jordan Elder, Senior Manager of Aquatics.

Right now, they don’t know when, or if, all of the pools will open this summer.

“It’s all about supply chain issues; when we can get the guys out there to do the work and all of that stuff. We’re hopeful in the next few weeks,” said Elder.

Even when the maintenance issues are fixed, the city is still facing a lifeguard shortage. “The goal is to get all of our pools open the best we can, but we need staff to do that,” said Elder.

Right now, the city is in a much better situation than last year, but they still have 100 lifeguard positions open.

Elder started as a lifeguard 11 years ago, “It is a rewarding experience knowing you have the skills to save someone’s life,” said Elder. He explained the type of candidate they’re looking for.

“Outgoing for one, that’s a good one. Has people skills. Good communication skills,” said Elder.

You don’t have to be an Olympic level swimmer to be a lifeguard. “We will help you gain the comfortability and confidence,” said Elder.

If you apply and get through the training classy you can become a life guard in as quick as a week.

Pay starts at $15 an hour.