I-Team 8

Mail carrier sent to hospital, attacked by dog during mail delivery, causing mail access difficulty on Greenfield’s west side

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — According to the Greenfield Hancock Animal Management agency, two dogs attacked a mail carrier a few weeks ago so viciously that the mail carrier had to be taken to a hospital for treatment. Consequently, the United States Postal Service has decided to pull addresses near the area of the attack from their delivery service.

In a statement to I-Team 8, the USPS said, “The safety of our employees and customers is a priority for the postal service. Due to ongoing and unresolved issues with lose dogs in area, including Stevens Court and the 1000 block of Noble Street, mail delivery to these addresses has been suspended until residents install curbside mailboxes.”

This decision has left residents in the affected area to travel to a local post office to receive their mail– a task easier said than done for some.

Jim Shepherd, who lives on Noble Street in Greenfield, is just one local who feels the effects of this decision. He is retired and depends on the mail for his medication and appointments at the V-A.

Driving to the post office every day is more than a pain for him. He is upset with the local postmaster for pulling his mail delivery service, and feels like he is being punished for something he had nothing to do with.

“What is a person like us supposed to do? You’ve got a tyrant running the post office. It is convicting people of things and punishing us for it. I didn’t think that was the American way,” Shepherd said.

However, the USPS stands by their decision in their statement.

“Recently, one of our carriers was seriously injured in a dog attack. After careful consideration, the decision was made to require a change in mode of delivery to these residents. This action reflects the seriousness of the situation and our desire to ensure a safe working environment for our employees. We regret the inconvenience this may cause some customers. Those affected by this situation will receive written communication with specific information from the Greenfield postmaster.”

The attack happened on Stevens Court, just down the street from Shepherd. I-Team 8 went to the door of one neighbor on Stevens Court to ask about the dogs and what happened to the mail carrier.  

The man who answered the door said the incident didn’t involve him. The Greenfield Hancock Animal Management agency is investigating the incident.

The dogs were seized and taken into custody, then someone broke into their shelter and took the dogs. Police are investigating the break in. No one seems to know what happened to the dogs or where they are being kept.  

“I understand their problem. It was a horrific event, and I can only imagine what the person went through,” Bebbie Thompson, who lives next door to Shepherd, said.   

For Shepherd and his neighbors, they are forced to drive a couple miles to the post office every day for their mail. 

“However, can you punish a select group of people for the action of one?” Thompson said.

The post office says they will continue mail delivery in this neighborhood once everyone installs mailboxes closer to the street.