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Road rage shootings triple over 2 years on Indianapolis interstates

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Road rage shootings have tripled in two years on interstates around Indianapolis, the Indiana State Police said Friday.

ISP has recorded 30 interstate shootings so far this year — a huge surge from just nine in 2018 and 2019.

“That’s concerning because we have the same questions that the public hasm and we want to know why this is happening,” ISP Sgt. John Perrine said. “Why it has escalated to this level and why people think that dangerously and recklessly discharging a firearm is acceptable.”

Perrine said ISP has hired a criminal analyst to try help gather data and understand how to proactively prevent these crimes from happening. He says one person has died so far this year and the department is in need of the community’s help.

“We rely very heavily on the public and witness accounts of these incidents. Sometimes they may not have a plate number, but they have specific enough information to generate a lead,” Perrine said.

He told I-Team 8 that people need to be extra cautious with the upcoming holiday weekend.

“We’re asking people to plan for that and know that with increased traffic comes more traffic jams, more possibilities of people making mistakes on the roadway, accidentally changing lanes, cutting somebody off, tailgating, things like that,” Perrine said. “So we’re asking people to be patient and just drive carefully.”

The Indiana State Police gave these tips for anyone who sees or is involved in a road rage incident:

  • Remain calm, agitation or counter aggressive maneuvers can escalate the situation.
  • Drive away from the aggressor by using a turn signal to change lanes, allowing the aggressor to pass, exit the highway, stop in a well-lit populated area.
  • If stopped in traffic or in an area where you must stop due to a stop sign or stop light ensure all of your car doors are locked and leave yourself a path of escape.
  • Immediately report the incident to police by calling 911 (Indiana Hands Free Law allows you to use a cell phone while driving to report an emergency to 911).