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Single mom struggles to pay child care without unemployment

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It doesn’t take long to see the heavy burden Kelly Ruse is carrying.

The single mom of two says she is now being asked to repay nearly $900 in pandemic unemployment benefits to the Department of Workforce Development while also struggling to pay for child care.

“People fail to realize that there’s a bigger picture than just getting up and going to work,” Ruse said. “Before the pandemic daycare was not really affordable, (but it was) a lot better. Now, it’s $350 a week for an infant and $250 for school-aged kids.”

Ruse says she’s been applying every day for a job but most openings are full time with no benefits and no day care options.

“I just don’t see what is so wrong about someone finally feeling like they can breathe again,” Ruse said.

She says it all has played a role on her mental health as she tries to find options for her 10-year-old daughter and 5-month-old son.

Ruse says she wishes Gov. Eric Holcomb or someone in power would do more.

“I understand when you are in a position of power, that you’ve had to remove the emotion from it a little bit, but when do you stop that?,” says Ruse. “I feel like that’s not living to me.” 


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