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Video shows man handcuffed during argument with Mooresville cops

Video shows man handcuffed during argument with Mooresville cops

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — What the video doesn’t show is how a dispute started over a shopping cart and a parking spot.

The dispute ended in front of the Mooresville Metropolitan Police Department with three cops involved and one person in handcuffs.

Marion County resident Terrance Hood said, “Well, when I first approached the suspect that tried to assault my wife, I let him know I was angry as well because she was frightened, and, when the police came out, I let them know he had tried to assault my wife by trying to break her window.” 

The video from Hood’s phone showed he was upset. His voice was a little louder than normal as he tried to get the Mooresville police officers to hear his side of the story. Both parties left the grocery store parking lot and drove across the street to the police department.

Police officers inside the building heard the yelling and came out to investigate.

“And immediately after I said that, they asked my name and once I told them, ‘Wait a minute, I want to explain what is going on,’ they immediately put me in handcuffs and placed me in the back of a police car before I had a chance to say anything,” Hood said.

A police report filed by Karen Lava, Hood’s wife, claims a man punched her car door window, scaring her and the couple’s 7-year-old daughter. She told police the man used vulgar racial slurs while yelling at her. The dispute started when the man questioned Karen’s use of a handicap parking space and her failure to return a shopping cart to the proper area.

In the video, Hood’s wife was shown trying to calm her husband. He told I-Team 8 that me he was standing up for his wife and wanted nothing more than to protect her and his child.

“And then I was going to get arrested for disorderly conduct just for coming to the aid of my wife who is extremely frightened still to this day about what took place,” Hood said. 

The video was livestreamed on Facebook with close to 25,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Hood said, “I’m going to prosecute this to the fullest extent of the law. I’m not letting this go. My wife is in fear. We live out here and we have the right to live out here.” 

He says, had the roles been reversed, had he been punching someone’s window, he would have been arrested. Hood wants police to review the video from the grocery store and police department. 

Mooresville Chief of Police Kerry Buckner sent a statement to I-Team 8 after reviewing the video from the police station.

“After an initial review of the incident that occurred on Sunday November 12, 2023, it appears that officers with the Mooresville Metropolitan Police Department were attempting to investigate a disturbance in the parking lot of the police department. During the initial phase of their investigation, the conduct of one of the participants appeared to be agitating the situation. That individual was asked to calm down and refused to do so. To ensure the safety of all participants, he was detained and separated from the incident. He was later released without charges.”