IFD offers tips for safe grilling after house fire

Grilling safety

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The fireworks may be over, but grilling out this weekend isn’t.

Many families will be enjoying the outdoors to continue celebrating the Fourth of July holiday.

The Indianapolis Fire Department says it has experienced an increase in calls for grill fires this time of year and wants to remind people about safe grilling practices.

A Fourth of July fire started by a hot grill displaced four people and caused $100,000 in damages, according to IFD.

“It was a grill that was too close to a structure,” said Lt. Brad Thompson at IFD Station 7 said. “It wasn’t touching the structure, but the radiant heat from the grill actually caught onto the siding.”

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No matter what grill you’re using, fire officials recommend cleaning up properly after cooking, especially when charcoal is involved.

“A lot of times, we see them put that into, like, a trash can or something like that before it’s actually cooled all the way off,” Thompson said. “It’s always best to just leave those in the grill, let them cool off over time and then later you can discard them.”

Other tips include covering the grill and properly turning the gas line off when finished. Also be mindful of any gas leaks.

“Propane or gas, both have an odor factor to them to let you know that it’s leaking. You also should be able to hear it as well, like a hissing sound,” Thompson said.