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IMPD clears up controversy in cold case

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An Indianapolis family is hoping to move forward following a cold case controversy.

The family of Carmen Van Huss received word that an investigator was removed for trying to raise money to help pay for DNA testing in the case.

The 19-year-old was raped and murdered at her apartment back in 1993. More than two decades later, her murder remains a mystery and unsolved.

Her brother, Jimmy Van Huss, tells 24-Hour News 8 he’s frustrated and doesn’t know what to believe at this point. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Rick Hite held a news conference Friday afternoon to address the claims saying it was a misunderstanding.

Jimmy held onto a picture of his sister Carmen. She was 19 years old when police say she was killed. But in the last 24 hours, the cold case has been picking up some steam.

“Our main goal is to have Detective Carter be the one working on the case,” said Jimmy Van Huss, victim’s brother.

Carter stood next to Chief Hite Friday afternoon as the chief explained what he called a big misunderstanding.

“He wasn’t pulled off the case because it originally wasn’t assigned to him,” Chief Hite said. “He had volunteered like many of our detectives to assist the primary detectives in the case.”

“You don’t know what to believe because you’re hearing them talking out of both sides of their mouths so you don’t know what to believe,” said Van Huss.

Van Huss tells 24-Hour News 8 the family is planning to meet with detectives sometime next week to go over his sister’s case.

He doesn’t know what will come out of it, but he’s praying for some answers.

“We’ll try to get some straight answers on what they’re saying about the DNA test and about Carter being on and off and on and off the case,” said Van Huss. “All we want is the case to be worked on. We’re not saying that the DNA test that he wants will solve it, we’re not saying Bill Carter will solve it but he’s our best shot at it.”

IMPD said they will not be keeping the money raised through the GoFundMe page and is working with the website to return the funds to donors.

As for the test, the department says they are evaluating to see what’s next. However, the family is pushing for the test because they believe it could help them to narrow down the list of suspects.

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