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Indiana attorney general’s lawyers threaten lawsuit

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  Attorneys for Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill came out swinging Wednesday morning.

Now, they’re threatening a defamation lawsuit.

We’ve told you Hill is accused of inappropriately touching four women at a bar in downtown Indianapolis earlier this year.

Indianapolis attorneys Kevin Betz and Sandra Blevins said they haven’t filed, but they’re thinking about filing a defamation lawsuit, on behalf of Attorney General, Curtis Hill.

In May, four women told lawmakers Hill inappropriately touched them at a March legislative end-of-session party. Lawmakers then hired a law firm to put together a confidential report about what happened, which was leaked to the media. Hill’s attorneys took square aim at the memo.

Kevin Betz, an Attorney representing Curtis Hill said, “This defamation is against the unknown individuals who included this false and malicious information and who released this false and malicious information.” 

Hills attorneys call on lawmakers to do three things: Correct the memo that contains “false and malicious information,” find out who included the info in that memo, and reveal who leaked this false and malicious information?” Kevin Betz, the Attorney representing Curtis Hill explained. 

In recent weeks, three of the four women have come forward publicly: Democratic State Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon, Senate Democrats spokesperson Gabrielle McLemore and Niki DaSilva, who works for the Senate Republican Caucus.

Wednesday, Blevins claimed there are “inaccuracies” in the women’s statements

Sandra Blevins, an Attorney Representing Curtis Hill said Wednesday “The memo states the Attorney General placed his hand under Representative Reardon’s clothes twice. She specifically denies this in her personal statement. The memo also states Attorney General Hill groped Ms. DaSilva on the buttocks, but Ms. DaSilva denies this in her personal statement.” 

Hill completely denies all the allegations, and calls them “false and vicious.”

The Office of the Inspector General has already started her own investigation into the allegations, but Hill’s attorneys wouldn’t talk about that this morning.

Neither Rep. Reardon nor McLemore offered us a comment today. We’re still waiting on DaSilva. 

Governor Eric Holcomb, House Democratic Leader Terry Goodin didn’t have a comment Wednesday either.

Wednesday, House Speaker Brian C. Bosma (R-Indianapolis) and Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R-Fort Wayne) sent the following statement in response to Wednesday’s announcement by Betz and Blevins:

We believe Curtis Hill is the individual who should be answering questions about allegations of inappropriate conduct, and we stand by our prior statements regarding this matter. We are fully cooperating with the Inspector General’s Office as they conduct their current investigation and will await the results.

News 8’s David Williams caught up to Hill on Tuesday at his office’s drug take back event, which you can read here with a full timeline of the allegations