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Indiana high court won’t review conviction in parent deaths

WINCHESTER, Ind. (AP) – The state Supreme Court won’t consider an eastern Indiana man’s appeal of his double-murder conviction in his parents’ killings.

The Star Press reports the court’s Thursday decision follows a September state Court of Appeals ruling that upheld Brian Scott Hartman’s murder convictions.

That court rejected Hartman’s argument that separate trials should have been conducted on each murder count.

Hartman was sentenced to 120 years in prison in 2013 in the fatal shooting of his father and his mother’s fatal drug overdose.

The bodies of 53-year-old Brian Hartman and 52-year-old Cheri Hartman were found in February 2010 at the couple’s Randolph County home about 60 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

The 38-year-old Hartman is incarcerated at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City. His projected release date is February 2070.