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Indiana inspectors check for problems with state fair rides

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There are nearly 50 rides at the Indiana State Fair’s midway.

While they’re set-up, they won’t be good to go until inspectors clear each one.

“We have friends and family riding these rides, and every one of us wants to make sure that these operate the way that they’re intended to,” Indiana Department of Homeland Security spokesperson John Erickson said.

Seven Indiana Department of Homeland Security inspectors looked over each ride Thursday. It’s a process the department has done for more than two decades.

“Certainly there are a lot of moving parts on a ride,” Erickson said. “We want to make sure they’re up to code and they’re in as good as shape as possible.”

As state inspectors worked through the midway, they said they’re not doing anything new or different this year to check the rides. However, they were met with a little bit of a challenge with the rain that slowed them down.

“There are more hazards just from the water coming in, although it looks like the areas are draining pretty well,” Erickson said. “You just have to be a bit more careful.”

Inspectors want parents to be careful too. Before riding, read the rules.

Obey height, age and weight restrictions. Keep all body parts inside, and remain there until the ride stops.

Also, just as inspectors have done, watch and listen to the ride itself.

“If you just feel like there’s something not right with the ride,” Erickson said. “If it sounds odd mechanically, it’s okay to ask questions.”

Because of the rain, inspectors say they’ll need every minute to review each ride. They are expecting to be back out here Friday morning, to make sure everything is safe.

While you think 50 rides might be a lot to do today, the department says it inspects about 800 rides a year.