Hispanic Heritage Month

Indiana Latino Expo aims to bridge gaps in the community

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There are several organizations in central Indiana that are working towards bridging the gap between the Hispanic community and the rest of the population. One of those organizations is the Indiana Latino Expo.

“We saw a gap between the Latino community and businesses, organizations, health providers,” said Executive Director of the Indiana Latino Expo Gloria Jimenez. “So we try to connect both and balance that so that’s one of the reasons that it was created.” 

The Indiana Latino Expo is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for the Latino community in the Hoosier State.

The expo supports various communities in creating awareness of their businesses, promoting economic development, cultural advancement, and educational opportunities. Marina Da Re Jara is the head of marketing.

“We know that Indianapolis has grown and the Latino community is not just Mexico and we only have that consulate here,” Da Re Jara said. “So we’re bringing consulates from Honduras, Argentina and other five different countries so that they can provide their services here in Indy for all that community that doesn’t have that access or doesn’t have the possibility to travel to those cities.” 

In October the Indiana Latino Expo is coming back to Indianapolis. The event will have more than 100 exhibitors and more than 10,000 attendees. The goal is to connect folks to businesses, services, and people.

“We come in many colors, in many shapes, and sometimes we don’t like the traditional Latino. To me it’s more important that culture that we have inside of us. That different point of view,” Jimenez said. “And the world being so global as it is you come into a company that maybe you will bring a different opinion, a different point of view. How useful is that, right? Because now we work worldwide global connected to everyone around the world so when you bring a different point of view to a company that maybe didn’t have that and you have it as a Latino, you can enrich that company you can be a gain to them.” 

The Indiana Latino Expo also has a leadership program for young professionals, and for the first time ever, they’ll host a gala at the end of the year.