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Indiana mother recognized for fight against drug addiction

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An Indiana mother leading the fight against drug addiction was recognized on the national stage Friday.

Justin Phillips, a mother whose son died of a heroin overdose, was invited to the White House to tell her story as one of the 10 champions of change for advancing prevention, treatment and recovery.

It was a greeting only a select group was able to hear, including doctors, law enforcement and non-profit leaders.

During the event, Phillips shared her story alongside several others fighting a similar fight.

She talked about breaking the stigmas attached to substance abuse, and how addictions should be treated just like any other disease.

“To be able to do that on a national platform in such an important venue, with other amazing advocates is just incredible,” Phillips said.

After Phillips lost her son Aaron at the age of 20, she helped created Overdose Lifeline Incorporated, a non-profit that helps addicts find treatment and gives first responders and families narcan- the drug that can reverse a heroin overdose.

Her mission that started in her home state, is now spreading across the country.

“I knew how desperately important it was to me to speak up, but I never would have dreamed of actually being at the White House doing it in this short amount of time. Absolutely not,” Phillips said.