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31 decomposing bodies found in Jeffersonville funeral home

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — 31 decomposing bodies, alongside the post cremation remains of 16 individuals, were found Friday by the Jeffersonville Police Department during an investigation into the conditions of the Lankford Funeral Home and Family Center.

The investigation focused towards the funeral home after information was received from a third party. The investigation culminated in the collaboration of 10 different agencies, including the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

According to the Jeffersonville Police Department, custody of all decedent were transferred to the Clark County Coroner’s Office to help identify all remains.

The investigation remains active and on-going.

Anyone who entrusted the care of a loved one at the Lankford Funeral Home and Family Center and has concerns and/or information is asked to contact the Office of the Clark County Coroner at 812-285-6282.