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Animal rescue in need of help after flood damage

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The rain has moved out, but not without leaving behind some damage. The floods didn’t just affect people. A Terre Haute animal rescue is left picking up the pieces.

“I just don’t want them to go through any more than they’ve already been through,” said Tammy Barnett, owner and operator of the Horse Shoe Equine Rescue in Terre Haute.

Even on a bitter cold and rainy day, she treks through the mud to keep dozens of animals safe.

“It just seemed like I could not get ahead of anything. The rain just kept coming, so it was a mess,” said Barnett of Monday’s floods.

The sheets of rain took its toll, making it difficult to keep the animals warm.

“The minis we had on this side their building is full of straw which will all have to be replaced because it got soaked,” Barnett said.

Strong winds also sent a tree crashing down.

“Which was a bad situation, because we’ve now lost our small quarantine area for goats and chickens, and things like that,” said Barnett.

Luckily, the animals are safe, but the broken fence needs to be taken down and re-built.

All of the repairs will require both time and money, something the rescue does not have a lot of.

“Everything around here is just me and my husband doing it, and we run strictly on donations,” explained Barnett,

She said that the animals wouldn’t survive without help from the community.

“You just hope all the supporters we have out there will step up and help us through this.”

Barnett is optimistic the rescue will pull through this storm.

“When I see them cold and miserable it’s just I want to get out there and do something to make it better for them, anything to make it better.”

The rescue is also accepting recycled Christmas trees. They use them to feed the goats.

To learn more about the several ways you can help the rescue center can be reached at (812) 841-6916.