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COVID-19 fund set up to help undocumented Hoosiers

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — While millions of Americans are getting financial relief from the government amid the COVID-19 pandemic, undocumented immigrants are facing financial challenges without that same assistance.

However a few Indiana organizations have partnered to create a fund to help relieve some of the financial burden. Many groups of people call Indiana home. Quite a few of them are undocumented. However, immigrant advocacy groups said the undocumented population plays a major role in keeping Indiana going.

“Our country depends on undocumented workers and undocumented families, people that work in labor industry and farm workers. We really wanted to get that message across,” said Wendy Catalán Ruano of Cosecha Indiana.

COVID-19 has created a devastating financial blow, and in some cases severely impacting American wages and salaries.

“The majority of us do pay our taxes and do our due diligence in this country,” said Ruano.

While the federal government is taking steps to ensure Americans get access to resources and financial assistance, the undocumented population won’t get it.

“Just like any average American and we work to bring food to the table. We work to provide for our families for our kids, and it truly makes me sad to see that times like these where everyone is suffering everyone, is going through uncertainty, we are not considered,” Ruano said.

Ruano is part of Cosecha Indiana, one of several organizations that have come together to create the Undocumented Hoosier Support fund.

Supporters said a lot of families are at risk of losing their housing and money while also going without groceries or medical care. So far the fund has raised more than $21,000.

“The fund is for the community by the community, so we didn’t specifically ask for money from an organization or corporation or business. These collections have been from community members.”

She is hoping to add a bit more to the fund through her personal 18-mile run-a-thon. The goal is to raise $30 for every mile.

“We hope to raise awareness that families are really being affected and a lot of them don’t have that safety net,” Ruano said.

Organizers said all of the money donated will go directly to local families impacted.