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‘Dabbing’ a new drug choice for teens

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A drug called butane hash oil is becoming increasingly popular among teens in Tippecanoe County. BHO is part of a classification of marijuana. On the street, it goes by names like shatter, wax or honey.

The trend is called “dabbing” and it takes marijuana to a new level. In dabbing, the THC which is the ingredient in marijuana which creates the high, can be nine times higher than in regular pot smoking.

The drug is potentially dangerous because of how it’s made. BHO is made by heating and smoking highly-concentrated marijuana until it becomes a gooey substance called butane honey. Users typically use butane or lighter fluid, which is very flammable and can cause fires, explosions or burns.

National trainer and speaker for drug prevention, Ofc. Jermaine Galloway said it’s becoming a sweeping trend.

“It’s a different form of marijuana. It looks like a wax. It has very high THC content, much higher than anything we’ve ever seen on the streets before,” said Galloway.

“We’ve always talked about marijuana being a gateway drug, but now marijuana has changed forms. Marijuana is more potent, so sometimes we can’t even look at marijuana the same way anymore,” said Galloway.

Juvenile Probation Officer Aaron Johnson said some teens are turning to BHO over traditional marijuana because it’s easier to hide.

“The oils don’t produce the level of odor that traditional marijuana would produce, so it’s much easier to smoke it in public utilizing an e-cigarette or some sort of vaporizer,” said Johnson. “All of the products that are needed to extract the THC to make concentrates are available in the head shops here in Lafayette.”

The long-term effects of dabbing are not known. Galloway said parents should look for clues in plain sight.

“It is all over the place, and really the best stash compartments are things you’re looking right at,” said Galloway.

Some items to look out for are butane containers, glass or metal tubes and coffee filters.Editor’s note: This story has been modified from its original version to provide clarity in the subject matter.