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DNR lifts bird feeder restrictions for all counties

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indiana Department of Natural Resources announced Friday that all Hoosiers can resume bird-feeding, but says they may never know what caused thousands of birds to die across the state.

After numerous reports of sick and dying songbirds throughout the state, the DNR recommended on June 25 that all Hoosiers stop feeding birds on to slow the spread of the still-undetermined illness.

More than 4,300 sick and dying songbirds were reported to the DNR, with many of them exhibiting a specific set of symptoms — crusty eyes, eye discharge and neurological issues.

The DNR says that all of the affected birds tested negative avian influenza, West Nile virus, Salmonella, Chlamydia and other common viruses and parasites.

Many species were affected, the DNR said, including American robin, blue jay, common grackle and northern cardinal.

The final counties to receive the green light from the DNR were Allen, Hamilton, Hendricks, Johnson, Lake, Marion, Monroe, Porter and St. Joseph.

The DNR recommends that all bird feeders be cleaned at least once every two weeks with a 10% bleach solution and rinsed thoroughly. Hummingbird feeders should be cleaned at least once a week.


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