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Foster parents call for change after death of 4-year-old

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On Sunday, dozens gathered on the steps of the Indiana State Capitol to demand change after the death of 4-year-old Judah Morgan. His body was found Monday morning inside the home of his birth parents in La Porte County. 

Court documents say Judah’s body was covered in bruises. 

When officers interviewed Judah’s birth mother, Mary Yoder, she admitted he was often beaten. She also told officers that Judah’s birth father, Alan Morgan, would keep him locked in the basement for days at a time.  

“In this particular case (DCS) simply didn’t do their job. They didn’t do what they were supposed to. They didn’t follow up. Had they followed up, they would have seen the red flags,” said Genna Hullett, Judah’s foster mother.  

Hullett was also Judah’s second cousin. She said the biggest reason she took custody of Judah was to keep him out of the foster care system and make sure he was safe at all times. Ultimately, she blames the Department of Child Services for the tragic outcome. 

According to Hullett, not only did the department fail to follow up on Judah, it also failed to file the correct paperwork in the four years she had custody of Judah.  

“Termination of parental rights on two different occasions and for some unknown reason they failed to do so — and all he could do is apologize and he said they just had to start the case over,” said Hullett.  

Yoder and Alan Morgan are both facing charges. His foster family say that’s not enough.  

“We want to share Judah with the world and make sure there is justice for him and make sure that it doesn’t happen for anybody else,” said Hullett.