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Governor Mike Pence ranks 38th highest salary in nation compared to other governors

(WISH) – An EpiPen rival is about to return to store shelves, and where does Governor Mike Pence rank in terms of salary, compared to these governors of other states?

The EpiPen is about to get some more competition. The makers of the Auvi-Q, an EpiPen alternative taken off the market last year, said it would bring it back in 2017.

The move is certain to be welcomed by many patients and lawmakers, who have denounced the rising piece of EpiPens and the lack of strong competition.

It’s unclear exactly how the Auvi-Q will impact prices.

In other business headlines, it doesn’t pay really well to be the leader of a state, at least not for all the stress it contains.

Governor Pence makes just under $112,000 a year. That was the 38th highest in the nation.

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