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Indiana named 16th poorest state in the country

The Indiana flag. (WISH Photo, file)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana has been named the 16th poorest state in the country, according to a New Jersey-based finance website that tracks hedge funds and corporate insiders.

Indiana appeared in Insider Monkey’s “25 Poorest States in America” report, which ranked states based on poverty rates and education levels in each state using data from the 2021 U.S. Census Bureau reports.

Indiana ranked 16th with an estimated 10.8% of the state’s population affected by poverty in 2021, which was down from 11.2% in 2020. Indiana’s median household income in 2021 was estimated at $62,000.

As for education, 18.5% of Indiana’s population over 25 hold bachelor’s degrees, and 38.2% of people aged 18 – 24 hold some college degree.

The report names Bloomington the poorest city in Indiana, with a poverty rate of 34.3%. The report also named Bloomington one of the poorest cities in the country.

New Mexico was named the poorest state in the country, with a poverty level of 16.7%. Roughly 16% of the population over 25 held bachelor’s degrees, and only 35.7% of those aged 18 – 24 held some college degree.

West Virginia ranked 2nd poorest state, and Louisiana 3rd. The article named West Virginia the least educated state in the U.S., with only 14.2% of the population over 25 holding bachelor’s degrees.

According to a July 14 report by CNBC, Indiana ranked 7th worst state to live and work in, with childcare and inclusiveness named as some of the state’s weaknesses.