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Indiana Task Force 1, restaurant owner assist with Maui efforts

Indiana Task Force helping in Maui

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Officials report the wildfire in Maui took at least 114 lives. Governor Josh Green says 1,050 people are still missing.

Indianapolis Fire Department Battalion Chief Jay Settergren is helping with search and rescue in Maui alongside the Indiana Task Force One.

“You can see that there was a high area of damage and a lot of times, unfortunately, the pictures you see on the national media don’t do it justice. It’s not as devastating until you see it in person,” said Settergren.

News 8 caught members leaving for the airport on Friday. “Yesterday and today, we’re focused on creating safe access to the buildings so we can conduct searches through the building,” said Settergren.

The team of 70 includes specialists from IMPD and 16 central Indiana fire departments. Together, they will examine an apartment building. “We cover every bit of affected area by searching any area thoroughly, and document with our technology that shows where we’ve been, what we’ve come across, and the other side of this helps in the recovery process. A lot of the structures get put into the FEMA system. When it’s time for someone to get assistance, they can tell that we’ve been to that structure,” said Settergren.

Gina Rosenow is serving Hawaiian cuisine to her customers at A-Z Café on East 96th street in Indianapolis. “I have a few friends who are actually from Maui, and of course they are very concerned about their loved ones there. Communication is quite sparse, but they have been able to track some people down.”

Chief Settergren suggests Hoosiers work with organizations like the Red Cross to send donations and help Maui.