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Judge in shooting at 2019 Indianapolis White Castle faces domestic battery charge

ENGLISH, Ind. (WISH) — Indiana State Police on Thursday arrested a circuit court judge on a domestic battery charge for an incident that happened April 12 in Crawford County.

State police didn’t release any details of what lead to the arrest of Crawford Circuit Judge Sabrina Bell. She was charged with domestic battery in the presence of a child younger than 16. She was booked into the Crawford County Jail, then released on pretrial conditions, state police said.

Indiana Supreme Court has imposed an interim suspension with pay effective immediately.

Since April 13, a senior Crawford County judge has handled cases due to Bell being unavailable, the state said in a news release.

Bell was in an fight that happened May 1, 2019, at a While Castle in downtown Indianapolis that led to two judges shot. Judicial disciplinary charges were filed against Bell and two other judges, Andrew Adams and Brad Jacobs. The fight began when Brandon Kaiser and Alfredo Vazquez drove by and yelled something at the judges. Bell responded with an obscene gesture. Later, Adams and Jacobs were shot before Kaiser and Vazquez got back into their vehicle and drove away.

The three judges were visiting Indianapolis for a conference.