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Some Hoosiers see long lines at state parks during Labor Day weekend

LAWRENCE, Ind. (WISH) — This is the first Labor Day of the coronavirus pandemic, and some people were enjoying the holiday weekend at state parks.

After at least two state parks in Indiana filled to capacity on Sunday, News 8 wanted to know how things were looking Monday. Being outside at a state park is rare for Jan Carlson these days.

“Quite honestly, this is only my second time out since March,” said Carlson, who is is battling breast cancer.

After five months of chemotherapy, her goal is to walk from 2-3 miles a day.

“I hope that for women going out there, going through breast cancer, that they’ll know you can keep going and being out here. I feel it’s been safe,” Carlson said.

Carlson and her friends had their masks on practiced social distancing. Nancy Curran said, “We’re trying to be safety conscious and wear our masks. We’re trying to be safe for ourselves and others.”

On Monday, a long line of drivers waited to get into Fort Harrison State Park. Inside, Curtis and Judy Robbins joined many other people also enjoying the day.

The Robbins said people were social distancing, wearing masks and being very polite. Bikers or pedestrians made sure to give each other a wide berth on the trials.

People who go to state parks can find restrictions and practices to use during the coronavirus pandemic on the Indiana Department of Natural Resources website.