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Tiny tug boat takes Lake Monroe by storm

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) — A Facebook post by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources drew plenty of attention over the weekend.

In the post, DNR officers on Lake Monroe appear to be ticketing a man in a tiny tug boat. That’s not exactly what happened though.

“Now I’ve seen everything! At Monroe Reservoir you never know what you’re going to get,” the post said.

Photo from DNR Facebook page

DNR replied to their post and explained the encounter in more detail.

“To answer the question if he was receiving a ticket is no. The boat is registered and I was handing him his registration paperwork back. He was totally legal and a fun guy to chat with,” they wrote.

The owner of the boat is Kentucky native Nick Riley, who approached DNR to show them his boat was legal.

Riley says he’s made several tug boats, mostly for his kids.

“We have cup holders, we have boat cleats so we can tie it up to other boats. We recently just put a blue tooth speaker. I did not bring it with me but you can have tunes while you’re driving your boat,” Riley said.