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Webcam captures hatching of baby barn owl in southern Indiana

An owl is seen in the Santa Rita Hills, an agricultural wine grape-growing region, on May 31, 2016, near Buellton, California. (George Rose/Getty Images)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A baby barn owl hatched this week before a live online audience.

A webcam captured the birth in a nest box built for the owls at an undisclosed location in southern Indiana, the state’s Department of Natural Resources said.

The department has never said exactly where the nest box is because barn owls are endangered, so conservation officers don’t want anyone disturbing the birds. Wildlife biologists within the Division of Fish & Wildlife have placed more than 400 barn owl nest boxes since 1984.

The webcam on Wednesday showed one hatched egg and several more still intact. Barn owls typically lay their eggs in March or April, with chicks hatching in April or May, the state said on its webcam site.

A barn owl with its eggs in a nest box is broadcast from an undisclosed location in southern Indiana. (Image Provided/Indiana Department of Natural Resources)