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Indiana Senate panel considers adding drone-related crimes

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Some Indiana lawmakers suggest drone users with nefarious intentions could be flying under the radar under existing laws.

They say some operators could be invading people’s privacy or capturing images with the unmanned aerial vehicles. Republican Sen. Eric Koch of Bedford has proposed a measure that would create four criminal offenses.

Besides barring interference with public safety officials and harassment via drone, the proposal creates a “remote aerial voyeurism” crime and addresses penalties for sex offenders operating drones inappropriately. The misdemeanors could become level 6 felonies if a person has prior unrelated convictions for the same offense.

An Indiana Senate panel held the measure to refine language after discussing it Tuesday. Some lawmakers say adding existing voyeurism language like “surreptitious” or “clandestine” could clarify the new aerial voyeurism crime.

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