Indiana State Fair prepares for weekend rain

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Heat is the star of the 2016 Indiana State Fair, but rain will take center stage Saturday.

“I think the heat overall had been kind of the downer this year,” fair goer Diane Stout said.

“It’s kind of breezy, so it’s not quite as hot,” fair goer Michele Hall said. “It looks like the rain has stayed away so far.”

The rain won’t stay away forever. Large amounts of water could create flash floods Saturday.

If severe weather hits, officials say to download the Indiana State Fair app.

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“We have some on-site meteorologists who are really responsible for targeting the area around the fairgrounds,” Indiana State Fair media and community relations manager Lesley Gordon said. “So it’s very specific and very timely.”

In addition to app alerts, public address announcements would take place, and vendors would receive text notifications. Besides getting themselves ready, fair leaders also got the word out to weekend visitors.

“Plan ahead,” Gordon said. “You might want to pack an umbrella or poncho.”

It’s just another element fair goers know they have to deal with each year. “We’re prepared with umbrellas,” Stout said. “We need the rain, so we’ll take it.”

“I don’t mind it,” Parkhurst said. “I’m from Indiana, so I’m used to all of the weather.”

“You just never know,” Hall said. “I mean, usually it does rain during the state fair so you just come prepared.”

When it comes to flooding, fair leaders say main walkways aren’t usually the problem. Ponding usually happens in the parking lot at the infield.

If you want the app on your phone to receive notifications, click here.