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Indiana youth group hosts pride carnival for LGBTQ+ youth

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In celebrating diversity and self-expression, central Indiana is gearing up for a vibrant event to empower and support LGBTQ+ youth. The Indiana Youth Group is hosting its 4th Annual Pride carnival, aiming to provide a safe and inclusive environment for young individuals to embrace their identities and connect with their community.

For advocates with IYG, the pride carnival is more than just a gathering. IYG CEO Chris Paulsen told News 8 it is an opportunity to create a welcoming space where LGBTQ+ youth can feel comfortable and supported. Recognizing the importance of acceptance, the event organizers have carefully curated a program that promotes self-expression, understanding, and connection.

IYG’s carnival offers an exciting lineup of activities, from face painting that allows individuals to explore their creativity to t-shirt tie-dying that encourages personal expression. Paulsen added, “There is something for everyone.”

Youth must register in advance to attend the carnival. The event is open to individuals from ages 12- 20; a valid ID is required for admission. This event also allows adults to learn, connect, and further support their LGBTQ+ children’s journey toward authenticity. Programming for parents and guardians will be held at the nearby Trinity Episcopal Church.