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Indianapolis Animal Care Center adopts out 45 animals in 1-night marathon

Cold weather brings in more animals to shelter

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Animals suffering out in the cold are finding warmth in the hearts and homes of loving families Saturday night as part of Indianapolis Animal Care Center’s Adopt-A-Thon.

The shelter adopted out 45 animals in one night. That’s a little less than the 101 they adopted out back in November for a similar event.

That means there are still more that need your help.

Over 150 cats and dogs competed for the attention of dozens of families late into the night. They put on puppy dog eyes hoping anyone who passed was looking to take home a brand new family member.

“With the cold weather coming in, we’ve been getting really close to being completely full and having to set up crates in the hallway- which we always want to avoid,” Public Information Officer Roxie Randall said. “Yeah, trying to clear some space tonight.”

Animals lives are in danger with temperatures close to zero. So being in a shelter, they’re at least safe- but they’re hoping for a home a little warmer.

“If it’s 20 degrees or below, or if there’s a weather advisory in place, you are required to bring your animals in to a temperature controlled facility,” Randall said.

And so many animals hit the jackpot tonight with families like the Lindsay’s. They had been wanting a German shepherd. After meeting Athena for the first time, they knew they had found the one.

“Immediate connection,” Roger Lindsay said. “As soon as we walked up, she walked right up to us. She wanted to lick our hands. She wanted to see my daughter’s. So it just connected.”

Not every animal is able to just walk out of the shelter today. Shots and neutering help them prevent any impulse buys. That means it’s going to be hard to get some sleep for the Lindsays and Athena tonight, knowing tomorrow is such a big day.

“She’s a stray, so we can’t pick her up until tomorrow,” Lindsay said. “So we kind of asked around and they said ‘Okay. By all means, we’ll hold her for you.’ and we’re going to come get her tomorrow.”

While many animals found homes, not all of them did…But that’s not a bad thing. It just means they have more chances to find the right home.

“Well, we route new animals to our adoption floor every day, so even if everybody gets adopted tonight, I’m sure tomorrow will have some more animals that are looking for homes and in the next coming days we’ll have more,” Randall said.

If you didn’t make it out to the Adopt-A-Thon, there’s no worries. Indianapolis Animal Care Services is still doing five dollar adoptions throughout February with a few exceptions on certain animals. If you’re looking at a puppy or small dog, those usually go faster, so you might have to pay a little more.