Indianapolis FedEx location anticipates new delivery records ahead

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Mail carriers and package-delivery businesses are working around the clock to make sure packages are delivered before Christmas morning.

FedEx told News 8 more than 30 million packages have been shipped globally this holiday season. All hands are on deck inside the warehouse on 90th Street. Employees are up bright and early assorting packages. They’re loaded onto the conveyor belt, scanned and assigned to the appropriate route then loaded in a FedEx truck.

“There’s definitely a lot of behind the scenes that goes on. A lot goes into getting our packages delivered to our customers on time,” said operations manager Crystal Cronin. “We have over 450,000 team members across the network that work day in and day out, especially during this busy season to make sure we are efficient with our deliveries to our customers.”

Customers are anxious to wrap and put their online orders under the Christmas tree. Resident DeAngela Wilson said she often orders shoes online and is excited for Dec. 25 to arrive. FedEx said the company delivered more than 33 million packages, a record-breaking amount, on Cyber Monday.

“We anticipate to break additional records the next two Mondays. We’re putting out about double our daily average volume this time of year,” Cronin said.

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FedEx advised people to have their house number visible for the driver ahead of delivery. They’re also alternative delivery options for people who are avoiding porch pirates. People can even pick up their packages at their nearby Walgreens or Dollar General stores.

“They can have their packages shipped to FedEx office locations and also set up specific delivery dates and appointments on delivery manager,” Cronin said.

The operations manager said customers can do a few things to help FedEx employees make their jobs easier.

“Include an additional return label inside the package in case the label is damaged due to winter weather. Make sure that the package is removed of all old labels if they’re reusing boxes and keeping any wrapping on the inside of the box.”