Indianapolis International Airport conducts emergency training drill

Airport disaster drill

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Dozens of local agencies participated in an extensive training exercise at Indianapolis International Airport on Wednesday.

The training is required by the Federal Aviation Administration every three years. 

Several Marion County fire and police officers took part, as well as first responders from surrounding agencies.

Volunteers were enlisted to play crisis actors in the demonstration. 

In this staged emergency, a gear on the plane collapsed and broke in two pieces. It started a fire which led to an evacuation. 

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First responders were tasked with getting people off the plane and loading them on buses and ambulances.  

Indianapolis Airport Fire Chief Rick Gentry said the seriousness can be overwhelming for some. 

“We’ve actually had one run on a child that had anxiety,” said Gentry. 

He noted planning for the drill takes about a year. A major part of that planning is finding ways to best use each agency. 

“If we’re doing this, and we haven’t practiced, and we haven’t talked about the plan, it’s not going to go right,” explained Gentry. 

Wednesday’s training lasted a little more than two hours.