Indianapolis little leaguer earns all-star treatment in Washington D.C.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It turns out Indiana does own an all-star this baseball season. Cameron Spaulding hails from a batting cage inside a barn out in the country. And this 12-year-old can hit a baseball a country mile. 

Spaulding’s mother Melissa Haney has heard it all from opposing parents. Her incoming 7th grader towers over the opposition. 

‘Did he drive here?’

“We hear that a lot,” Haney said.

The most important piece of paper Spaulding owns is a plane ticket to and from Washington D.C. for major league baseball’s all-star festivities. 

He earned it by getting into a little bit of trouble.

“We were at a tournament in Greenfield and my grandma wanted to go eat,” Spaulding said. “I said ‘no’ because of a competition after our game… I said ‘no’ to my grandma. That is pretty big,” Spaulding said with a chuckle. 

Grandma agreed to let her guard down and her grandson caught fire. He advanced from Greenfield to Victory Field in Indianapolis to Guaranteed Rate Stadium on the south side of Chicago. Spaulding won each competition and qualified for the finals of Major League Baseball’s Pitch, Hit & Run contest at Nationals Park in Washington D.C. 

The best part of the trip isn’t even the competition for Cameron. 

“I am competing and then I get to shag balls for the MLB Home Run Derby,” Spaulding said. “The best hitters in the game get to hit and you will never know if you will take one to the face.”

The biggest moon shot at the derby didn’t come off the bat of Javier Baez or Kyle Schwarber. That honor belongs to one beaming mom.

“I’m over the moon,” Haney said. “I couldn’t be more proud…as long as he stays positive and happy I will be very proud.”

Keep crushin’ it Cam.