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Indianapolis Moms: Dealing with after-school restraint collapse

Indianapolis Moms: Dealing with after school restraint collapse

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The start of the school year means the return of a common afternoon ritual: A child comes home with the weight of the world — and math class on their shoulders.

There’s a name for the frustration called After School Restraint Collapse.

Indianapolis Moms Owner Kait Baumgartner stopped by Daybreak to share tips on ways parents can help calm their children when this occurs.

“Your kids come home, don’t ask them questions. You know, how is your teacher? Don’t ask him questions because it’s just going to cause more meltdowns. Give them their space, give them their time, and once they kind of have that, we’ll come to you, and they will, they’ll answer your question,” she said.

To learn more, watch the interview above or visit the Indianapolis Moms website.