Indianapolis now home to 20 healthy vending machines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Chicago-based Farmer’s Fridge opened 20 healthy vending machines across Indianapolis this week. 

These fridges are about 14 square feet and are stocked with food and snacks like homemade granola and salads. 

Farmer’s Fridge takes its food seriously. 

Menu items are created by real chefs and made, chopped and packaged fresh daily. 

Customers can expect to pay around $10 for a complete meal. Snacks average around $3 and salads cost about  $8. 

It’s not just the cost they are hoping to attracts customers. 

Farmer’s Fridge says the technology behind the company is a big part of their operation. 

Customers can pay through their app and see live inventory in any fridge. They’ll also be able to pre-order items in the future. 

The company says moving to central Indiana was an easy fit. 

Mike Saletta, director of expansion for Farmer’s Fridge said, “We’ve had a lot of feedback from people in Indianapolis that were searching for something healthy, fresh and accessible like Farmer’s Fridge.”

Farmer’s Fridge put their fridges in locations with a lot of foot traffic. The Indianapolis airport, PNC Center and BMO Plaza to name a few. 

The company said they plan to increase that number to 50 locations in central Indiana by the end of the year. 


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