Indianapolis 500

Indy 500 drivers trade track for field day with students

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – There were thousands of people around them and a lot of fast-paced activity but the setting for the field of Indy 500 drivers was not the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Wednesday afternoon.

The racers were among 9,200 Indianapolis Public Schools students taking part in the district’s field day at Fitness Farm

The day away from school and the track for the drivers was held at Fitness Farm on the northwest side of the city.

A variety of sport, fitness and health related activities were planned for the students in which the drivers assisted and participated.

IMS and IndyCar organized the outing as another way of engaging the community and young fans ahead of Sunday’s race.

“I think this is our way of kind of giving back and getting back into the community and really making sure that Indianapolis feels like this is our big event. We’ve got to do that from the ground up with these kids,” IMS community outreach manager Lauren Guidotti said.