Indy Eleven captain offers emotional explanation after not playing Wednesday night

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indy Eleven captain and player Matt Watson said he couldn’t join his teammates on the field in Louisville, Kentucky Wednesday night.

Watson announced his feelings on Twitter after the police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Watson continued tweeting that he’s exhausted with racial and political divide and it shouldn’t be normal. The caption said he feels like he hasn’t done enough to speak up on the issue of inequality and wants to take time to reflect on what more he can do to make things better. Watson wants to be clear that he’s not against the police or America, but just want to pave a better future for America.

His teammates are backing the decision as several of them and the assistant coach tweeted late Wednesday night. Indy Eleven head coach Martin Rennie also released a statement overnight showing his support:

There’s so much going on in the world, and I don’t know if many people fully realize the pressures there players are working through right now. Between constantly managing the protocols with coronavirus, which impact these guys’ families as well, the emotion that comes with where to fit in and make an impact with the fight against social injustice … add to that the pressures of being asked to win every game every time out and it really is just a lot to handle.”

I’ve coached Matt Watson for eight years and I know him really well, so it was painful to see how emotionally hurt he was. He was devastated. He’s our captain and he wanted to play, but just felt like he just could not do it tonight. I understand, and his teammates understand, and we are absolutely 100% supportive of him and the decision he made.

The Indiana Fever play against the Chicago Sky tonight. However, there is no word on the status of that game. Three WNBA games were canceled Wednesday night.


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