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Indy Eleven players heal with high-tech boots

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For athletes, grueling games and practices can lead to heavy fatigue and soreness.

But thankfully for the Indy Eleven, they have a solution to keep legs fresh.

Upon first glance at these contraptions, you may assume they have some intergalactic abilities.

“It’s a little weird. It’s like you have a spacesuit on for a little bit,” said Indy Eleven midfielder Brad Ring.

It’s a spacesuit with out-of-this-world healing properties, also known as recovery boots. Indy Eleven uses the boots to recuperate after grueling hours on the field.

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“You’re actually trying to remove the toxins from the blood that occur during sports activity. By creating compression from the toes, all the way to the thighs, we push more blood than you would get from a normal daily activity,” said Brian Gerlach, an Indy Eleven trainer.

You come over here to the little machine, set your time, set the pressure you want, then just hit play. Air immediately starts flowing through cords and into the boots. You can see them inflating, and the team says the boots speed up recovery immensely.

“I feel lighter on my feet; I feel fresher. I think you’re a little skeptical at first. Once you use them, and see that it helps, it’s kind of a win-win situation,” said Ring.

Gerlach had to put together a sales pitch for his athletes to buy in, and so far, he has satisfied customers: “A lot of my job is to get these guys to buy in to certain types of treatment and recovery. It’s definitely a bit of a sales pitch trying to get these guys in.”

Oh, and they’ve bought in.

“They are definitely occupied all day long. While we’re here, when we’re on road trips — they take them back to their hotel rooms,” continued Gerlach.

And if you want a pair for yourself, better start saving up: “This unit is worth about $1,300, said Gerlach.

Well worth the splurge in the name of recovery.

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