Indy fast food workers ‘Fight for 15’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Some Indianapolis fast food workers are taking their Fight for 15 to the McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois.

The fast-food giant is holding its shareholders meeting on Thursday. Starting Wednesday, labor organizers and workers are expected to protest outside the Illinois headquarters. They’re demanding pay of $15 an hour and a union for fast-food workers.

The protests come at a time when McDonald’s is fighting to hold onto customers in the face of up-and-coming rivals and changing customers’ tastes.

“I’m here because I feel that McDonald’s needs to hear that making $7.25 is not doing anything for anybody,” McDonald’s employee George Adams said. “Minimum wage workers all across the country are rallying to show the businesses that we are serious about making more money because making minimum wage is barely keeping food on our tables, our roofs over our heads.”

Thousands of cooks and cashiers from across the country are headed to Oak Brook. They have one-million signatures calling on McDonald’s to pay workers $15 an hour and respect their freedom to join together in a union.