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Indy Mayor Joe Hogsett proclaims Aug. 11 ‘The Blend—Mixing Culture Day’

Photo courtesy of DJ Topspeed

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In a resounding testament to the city’s musical heritage and its pivotal role in the hip-hop landscape, Mayor Joseph H. Hogsett proclaimed Aug. 11, 2023, as “The Blend—Mixing Culture Day” in Indianapolis on Monday, Aug. 7. This proclamation arrives as the world gears up to commemorate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, with the city proudly claiming its place in this global celebration.

The proclamation was spearheaded by DJ Long Green who will be presenting the Naptown DJ Fest on Saturday at Washington Park to celebrate the DJ culture of Indiana. There will be DJ performances and food trucks as well as sessions on DJ history and How-To-DJ.

Indianapolis, known colloquially as “Naptown,” has long been revered for its distinct cultural and sonic identity within the hip-hop genre. The city’s rich legacy, especially within the Black community, has fostered a unique culture and sound that have resonated across generations. Mayor Hogsett’s proclamation recognizes this legacy, paying homage to the city’s rich tapestry of musical contributions.

Central to this proclamation is the spotlight on local DJs who have not only mixed tracks and beats but have also acted as community ambassadors, event hosts, and guiding voices during moments of both celebration and adversity. These frontline representatives have played an instrumental role in shaping the city’s cultural narrative, demonstrating the unifying power of music.

At the heart of Indianapolis’ musical identity lies the distinctive “blend” mixing style. This technique involves skillfully merging multiple songs, seamlessly weaving together their elements to create a new and dynamic auditory experience. The city’s DJs have excelled in refining this technique, transforming it into an art form that defines the city’s unique musical landscape.

Beyond cultural significance, Indianapolis’ DJ industry has also made significant economic contributions. Generating revenue, fostering local talent, and expanding into various industries across Indiana, the DJ community’s impact extends far beyond the realm of music.

Mayor Hogsett’s proclamation encapsulates not just the city’s musical achievements but also its spirit of unity and creativity. As August 11th approaches, citizens are encouraged to join hands in commemorating “The Blend—Mixing Culture Day,” a day that celebrates the city’s profound hip-hop legacy and its role in the global music scene.

In a world where music transcends boundaries and connects people, Indianapolis stands as a testament to the transformative power of hip-hop. With this proclamation, the city takes its place in the spotlight, inviting the world to recognize and celebrate its unique musical heritage on this momentous occasion.

Indy Mayor Joe Hogsett proclaims Aug. 11 'The Blend—Mixing Culture Day'