Indy mayoral candidates focus on crime

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Candidates running for mayor in Indianapolis say the biggest issue in the campaign is laying out steps to cut down on crime in the city.

Candidate front runners are Democrat Joe Hogsett and Republican Chuck Brewer.

Hogsett announced his run for mayor in November. During his official announcement at the Landmark for Peace Monument, he said in April 1968 Indianapolis was unified, and he asked voters to help him unite the city again.

24-Hour News 8 spoke to Hogsett about the race in January. At that time he had managed to get six months ahead of other incumbents, but the candidates in the race were not his concern.

“I filed my candidacy and frankly this is less about who’s running and more about what people expect from their next mayor,” Hogsett said.

Larry Vaughn is also running for the Democratic bid.

Brewer, an Indianapolis business man and Iraq War veteran, has Mayor Greg Ballard’s backing as the GOP candidate. However, Brewer has never run for office before.

“I’m not a politician, and I’ve never run for office before,” Brewer said. “But I bring a vast educational background and history in corporate America and the Marine Corps. to the table. Lots of leadership experience and this position does not intimidate me in the least.”

The GOP kept Brewer a secret at his request. They said Brewer was waiting to make his announcement so he could roll it out in his own way. News of his candidacy leaked out in January.

Brewer has three other challengers: Jocelyn-Tandy Adande, Terry Michael and Darrel Morris.