Indy printing company helps local artists

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis company known for custom printing and promotional items for businesses is taking a new approach. The idea is to use items made by artisans in central Indiana.

Print Resources has been in Indianapolis for 17 years. The items they do the custom printing on, like mugs or notebooks, are usually made in factory in various parts of the world.

Now, they are printing on items made from local artists, as part of something called Batch.

“Batch is a partnership that we’ve created for local artists in Indianapolis and businesses and companies that are looking to reach their customers in a way that really tells a story,” said creative director Chelsea Van Der Meer.

It’s a company that could help artists like potter Ryan VanHoy.

“I’m from Indy. I went to school at IU Bloomington and finished in 2001 and then I went out to California and worked for a couple years, Colorado, Utah and Oregon and then I came back in 2006,” VanHoy said.

A measured amount of pounding and molding and thinking goes into his work.

“You can drink from a mug and it will give you like emotional enjoyment on a daily basis and that’s interesting to think about or you know drinking your coffee every day you have that time to yourself and it’s out of that special mug,” he said.

Instagrams of his pottery have caught the attention of restaurant and coffee shop owners. And now Batch, where companies will be able to have their logos stamped on his mugs.

“It goes a long way versus something that was just made in a factory, made thousands of peoples away from you by someone you may never know or never be able to know about,” said Van Der Meer.

Batch is taking holiday package orders until Friday, Dec. 1.

For more information on Batch, click here.