IndyGo announces route changes ahead of Red Line launch

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Drivers aren’t the only ones making adjustments in preparation for the start of the IndyGo Red Line.

Bus riders of some routes that overlap with the city’s first bus rapid transit (BRT) line will see their current bus routes go out of service or change paths.

Starting Sept. 1, routes 17 and 22 will go out of service, six routes — 12, 18, 19, 31, 38 and 39 — will have path changes, and a new route, the “Red Line Local,” will connect BRT riders to other bus routes north and south of the ends of the Red Line, the public transit corporation said Monday.

See a larger version of the Red Line map here.

The Red Line will run from 66th Street on College Avenue on the north end and the University of Indianapolis on the south end.

Route 90, the Red Line Local, will use alternating Red Line buses to continue with traditional signed bus stops from those endpoints to further stops on the north and south sides of the city so that riders can connect to additional bus routes. Route 90 will run north all the way to 96th Street and south all the way to Greenwood Park Mall.

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The Red Line will be free to use for its first month in service. The rest of the IndyGo bus routes will be free from Sept. 1-14, according to IndyGo.

Find more on the route changes here:

12Outbound: Stays with existing route outbound until Virginia Avenue and East Street. Turns on East, heads south to Beecher Street, then to Pleasant Run Parkway, where it resumes normal route. Same pattern inbound.
18Outbound: Follows existing outbound route until College and Broad Ripple avenues. Continues to Glendale Town Center, picks up path of discontinued Route 17. Same pattern inbound.
19Outbound: From transit center, bus will use Delaware Street, then Fort Wayne and Central avenues instead of Meridian Street. Resumes existing route at 46th or 52nd Street, alternating. Inbound: Same as above, with Alabama Street in lieu of Delaware.
31Outbound: Leaves transit center on South Meridian Street, down to Pleasant Run Parkway, then to Madison Avenue, south to Hanna Avenue. Then travels to U.S. 31, picking up southern portion of discontinued Route 22. Will no longer serve: Madison and McCarty to Madison and Pleasant Run; Madison and Hanna to Madison and Shelby; Madison south of Shelby to Greenwood Park Mall. Parts of that will be served by Red Line.
38Outbound: Leaves transit center north on Delaware Street, east on Vermont Street to Mass Ave, northeast on Mass Ave to College Avenue. North on College to 38th Street, then west on 38th Street, following existing route. Inbound uses Alabama Street in lieu of Delaware.
39Outbound: Follows existing route from transit center to Meridian Street. North on Meridian Street, east on 22nd Street to Central Avenue. North on Central to 38th Street, where it continues existing route to far east side. Same pattern inbound.