IndyGo gets last of 21 fully electric buses

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Officials with Indianapolis’ public bus service say the city now boasts one of the nation’s largest electric mass transit fleets.

IndyGo announced Tuesday that in December it received the last of 21 fully electric buses. Those buses equipped with lithium-ion batteries can travel up to 130 miles on a single charge.

A 1-megawatt solar array also went online last month atop IndyGo’s operations building.

IndyGo President and CEO Mike Terry says the array generates enough electricity to offset the charging of 13 electric buses, lowering the fleet’s operating costs while saving energy and resources.

IndyGo is also planning an electric rapid bus project. The 35-mile Red Line would link four cities in three central Indiana counties.

The solar array, electric buses and Red Line studies were funded by federal grants.


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