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AWS Foundation opens new office

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — The AWS Foundation has opened a new office building on the west side of Fort Wayne. The foundation invested nearly $3 million into the new 7,800-square-foot facility. 

“We are excited about the possibilities that our new building brings to advance our mission. It not only shows our lasting commitment as advocates for and with individuals of all abilities, its universal design is a model of inclusion for everyone,” says Larry Adelman, AWS foundation board chair.

The foundation says the universal design of the building will allow for easier collaboration among the disabled community.

Patti Hays, AWS Foundation’s chief executive officer, states, “As we constructed our new home, we wanted to show how small modifications can go beyond supporting accessibility to promote inclusion and collaboration. Everyone benefits from the many contributions diversity brings, by welcoming and engaging people of all abilities in the workplace and community. We hope to share our experience with others as they look for ways to implement inclusive design.”