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Carmel to provide COVID-19 testing for frontline city employees

CARMEL, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — The city of Carmel will test all first responders and city employees who work with the public this week, and will continue to be tested weekly. Workers are receiving drive-through testing at Aria Diagnostics.

“This local lab has the capacity to administer testing to our City of Carmel employees within a few days for those who are in essential jobs requiring interaction with the public or who work with crews or teams.  If we can identify people who have the COVID-19 virus, then we can better prevent the spread. This is what the US would have been able to do if tests had been available six weeks ago,” said Mayor Jim Brainard.  

Brainard says the tests are becoming available as the testing formula is quickly duplicated in labs across the country and that he consulted with local health professionals before making the testing decision. 

“Some may question the necessity for widespread testing of our city staff, but we cannot afford to err on the side of caution for this killer virus that has changed our way of life around the world. We need to stand strong as a community as we keep physically distancing while staying connected socially through online resources. We will get through this together,” added Mayor Brainard.