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City of Greenwood forms parks foundation

(photo courtesy of the Greenwood Parks and Recreation Department)

GREENWOOD, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) – The city of Greenwood and its Parks & Recreation Department are launching the Greenwood Parks Foundation. The city says the foundation will aim to preserve, protect and enhance public parks, green spaces and recreational programming.

The foundation will also assist the city’s parks department with additional programming, fundraising and community initiatives.

“Our department is thrilled to have the support of a foundation with dedicated and motivated board members,” said Greenwood Parks & Recreation Director Rob Taggart. “The goal of the foundation is to enhance the quality of life for all Greenwood residents and visitors through quality programming and diverse community initiatives.”

The city says the foundation’s initiatives are designed to meet the department’s most important needs. Initiatives include Play in the Shade, Beautify Greenwood, For the Dogs, and Scholarship for Kids.

The foundation’s board members include Rob Taggart, Beau Taylor, Don Weir, Krista Taggart, and Brett Haworth.

Greenwood’s parks department manages 14 parks spanning 271 acres and more than 20 miles of trails as well as recreational facilities.


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